Swansea Historical Society

Cemeteries of Swansea, Massachusetts


Historical Cemetery News Update (3/15/21)

In 2020, The Swansea Historical Commission concentrated their efforts on cleaning and exploring the grounds of the Kingsley Historical cemetery next to Valvoline on Milford Road. At the time of our last report, the Commission had uncovered 18 headstones where only 11 were originally thought to exist.

The Commission believed they had uncovered all the headstones, but members came across even more, leading them to believe there may be more corresponding graves. The team worked for another four months and had to dig down up to 3 to 4 feet to uncover a total of nearly 60 grave markers/footstones, but no graves themselves. Commission members so far have a total of 8 months at the Kingsley Cemetery and are not done. PLEASE NOTE: The cemetery is not open to the public do to trip hazards.

The Commission then turned their attention to the Smallpox Cemetery on Milford road. On October 10th, 2020, the team cleaned the cemetery and were able to uncover another 57 potential grave markers. Due to inclement weather, the team was unable to make any further determinations. In early spring, the Commission will continue to clean up and uncover headstones at this site.

Next, we will be concentrating our efforts at the Mason Family Cemetery located at the First Congregational Church lot diagonally across Route 6 from the church. We will then finish the Kingsley Cemetery, finish working at the Smallpox Cemetery and begin efforts of cleanup at the Luther Family Cemetery on Milford Road. Following those efforts, we will begin work at the the Seth Brown Cemetery on Pierce Road, the Captain Eddie Cemetery on East Street and continue maintenance on cemeteries that have already been cleaned.

If you are interested in helping The Swansea Historical Commission uncover the past, please call Cheryl Bogle at 508-496-9564 or send an email to swanseahistoricalcommission@gmail.com.