Swansea Historical Society

Swansea Historical Society Still Photo Presentation
on the History of New England Taverns
and Historical Taverns of Swansea, Massachusetts

The still photo presentation is an automatic slide show.
Slides will advance every 12 seconds on their own or you can advance the slides manually using either the arrows at the sides or the 'dots' at the bottom of the slides. You can also pause a slide by simply hovering your mouse over the slide (no clickin needed, just hover).

There are 23 slides in this presentation. Recommended viewing is on a personal computer or a tablet, not a phone.


Reference links from the slideshow:


"6 Revolutionary Taverns"


"The New England Tavern - A General Study"


"The Six Oldest Courthouses in New England"


"CONNECTIONS: Taverns and inns part of the fabric of Berkshires life"


"Massachusetts MPS Short's Tavern"
Photo from National Archives Catalog


"Massachusetts MPS Luther's Corner"
Photo from National Archives Catalog


"Historic American Buildings Survey, Creator. Old Tavern, U.S. Route 6 & Milford Road, Swansea, Bristol County, MA. Swansea Massachusetts Bristol County"
Photo from Library of Congress website