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Revised Street Name 1899-1900


On the re-naming of Swansea roads (original highways only)

1899, March 6th - Annual Town Meeting
      Record Book - Page 355
14 Articles on the Warrant to be voted on. The following was not one of them,
but probably came under "any other business", etc.
Voted - That no roads or streets in the Town of Swansea shall be named without
      petition to the selectmen of parties in interest.
      (This petition not to be decided by the selectmen but to be included on
      the Warrant as an article - M.D.R.)
Nothing in Record Book through 1907.

1899, December 20th - From the newspaper, "Syansea Record" (1886-1902)
"At the March 6th town meeting, there was a petition to give certain streets in
town particular names. A vote was passed that the selectmen should name the
streets. The selectmen would like the residents on all of the streets in town
to suggest names for their own streets and send them to the selectman of their
own district between this time and January 2nd, 1900."

1900, January 31st - From the newspaper, "Swansea Record" (1886-1902)
It was supposed that the selectmen had been given authority to name the streets,
but owing to a mistake in the wording of the vote, no such authority was given
them. The streets therefore will not be named until after the 1900 March Town
L. Elmer Wood, Town Council at this time.

Names that were changed were used in:
      1. Town Record Books; 2, Selectmen's Record Book; 3. All maps; 4. Deeds;
      5. Swansea Directory (1948) and many other documents, etc., use the names
      as follows: Chace Street, Marvel Street, Hales Road (not "Hailes"), and
      Mill Road, The maps include those ordered for the Planning Board, Water
      District, and Zoning Committee.

The selectmen have changed:
1. Chace Street to Baker Road.      3. Hales Hill Road to Hailes Hill Road. 2. Marvel Street to Cummings Road.      4. Mill Road to Hortonville Road.




Former Name Location New Name
Allen St North Swansea Warren Ave
Bayview Landing Touisset Pearse Landing
Bayview Road Touisset Mount Hope Ave
Bayview Ave Ocean Grove Cove Street
Bluff St Off of Pine St Water St
Beach St Off Lincoln Ave Pleasant View Ave
Chace Ave Two Mile Purchase Baker Road
Cole St Touisset Alder St
Cole Ave Touisset Prospect St
South Portion or Delmage Rd East Swansea Cummings Rd
Maple St Touisset Birch St
West Portion of Marvel St E Swansea Cummings Road
McCallion Lane From Marvel St Dillion Lane
Milford Ave From Meadow Rd Spring St
Middle St Munsey Plat Winter St
Mill St Village Hortonville Rd
Oak St Touisset Dyer St
Oakland Ave Off of Taft Luther Ave
Oakland Rd E Swansea High Rd
Old State Highway From Bushee Rd Corner Old Fall River Rd
River Rd Touisset Pearse Rd
Riverview Ave Ocean Grove West View Ave
Sherman Ave South Swansea Shawmut Ave
Smoke Rd Touisset Circuit Dr
Smoke Ave Touisset Sayles Ave
Short St N Swansea Stoney Hill Rd
Wood Ave Village Ledge Rd
Rowley St Touisset Orchard St
Warren Ave N Swansea Barneyville Rd
Elm St Corner Marvel St Miller's Lane
Acker's Lane N Swansea Hollister Rd