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Martin House Farm Potential Solar Panel Project

Martin House Farm
"The Martin House Farm is a rare example of an 18th and early 19th century farm, which still retains the character of its original setting. It consists of the house, two barns and cultivated fields surrounded by dry stone walls and woodlands. The home was lived in for over 200 years by members of the Martin family. In 1930 it was given to The National Society of The Colonial Dames in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Susan Taber Martin Allien, an eighth-generation Martin and a member of the New York Society of The Colonial Dames. In 1979 the Martin House Farm was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, an official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation." ~ from the NSCDA website

The Martin House Farm is currently one of the few working historical farms in the state of Massachusetts and the Colonial Dames of Boston, owners of the Farm, are considering placing solar panels on 10+ acres of the historical farm land.

If anyone would like more information on this project or would like to voice their concerns about the impact this project would have on the historical farmland, please contact the Dames at (617) 742-3190, or in writing at 5 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02108-3595 or via email at dames@nscdama.org.



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Tour the Store

While the Luther Store is closed for maintenance and repairs, the SHS is presenting this small tour of some interesting artifacts inside the store.
Please click here to view the tour.
(updated 9-27-22)


Please click here to learn about what historic preservation is and to read about the Historic Preservation Movement in the United States.

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Welcome to the Swansea Historical Society!

The Swansea Historical Society is a non profit organization dedicated to preserving, collecting and researching historical information and items. The society also takes pride in creating ways to help future generations understand their heritage and the history of Swansea.

Founded January 23rd, 1941 the Swansea Historical Society celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2021!

Funding Maintenance and Repairs

Luther Store 1-25-22
In 2022, the Swansea Historical Society officers and executive board members, caretakers of the Luther Store, have begun some much-needed repairs on this wonderful piece of Swansea history. The replacement of the wood shingled roof was our first issue that we needed to take care of. There are several items within the interior of the store that also need our attention.

Funding for the roof project has been provided by the Swansea Community Preservation Committee, Baycoast Bank and our members' yearly donations. Work on the project was completed by Josh and Melissa Andrade and their partner Ryan Shaw from Island Custom Builders.

On Saturday, February 12th, 2022 the Swansea Historical Society Executive Board had mason, Jon Isreal, inspect the exterior of the building as well as the fireplaces and chimneys. The inspection revealed issues that we were aware of and additional issues that need to be addressed. Jon has extensive experience working on Masonry of historical structures. He was responsible for the rebuilding of the fire places and chimneys, from the ground up, at the Durfee Lafayette Museum in Fall River.

We need your assistance. Any financial help would be greatly appreciated. Your donations will be used for restoration and repairs only; not for operating funds.
The 2022 Swansea Historical Society Executive Board

Donations to fund the ongoing repairs can be sent to:
The Swansea Historical Society
P.O. Box 723
Swansea Massachusetts 02777
or contact Cheryl Bogle at 508-496-9564 or @ integracrete2@gmail.com

Swansea Historical Society 2022 Family Recipe Cookbook is still available!

Please contact Cheryl Bogle (508-496-9564) or Sandy Clark to purchase a Swansea Historical Society Family Recipe Cookbook or fill out and order form (see link on the right) and mail to the SHS with your payment.

Luther Store Issues & Repairs

Swansea Luther Store from Swansea Community Network on Vimeo.

WBZ Radio Interview:

"For centuries, Swansea residents have patronized and loved the J.G. Luther Store on Old Warren Road. Time takes its toll on buildings like this, but the Swansea Historical Society has been able to keep up - until COVID hit. Now, they're scrambling to try and fix massive structural and pest problems in hopes of saving this beloved historical landmark. Cheryl Bogle from the Swansea Historical Society has details on what happened, and how you can help them get the store back to good."

NOTE: The SHS interview is the second half of the podcast."

Luther Store Collage



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Girl Scout Cookies
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The Luther Store is currently closed for renovations

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Anyone wishing to do research (e.g. viewing family files or something in the Swansea Historical Society's collections) please contact Carl Becker at 508-379-0972 or Cheryl Bogle at 508-496-9564 to schedule an appointment.

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